Market Barometer Free Report

MarketBarometer Free Report is free sample from our Market Barometer tool.

With Market Barometer you can monitor, dynamically and interactively, the quarterly evolution of a market (product and importing country) and its competitors (exporting countries) of reference.

In addition, the Market Barometer's web interface allows you to navigate foreign trade data in real time and analyze it at different levels of depth (guarda il video tutorial dedicato).

MarketBarometer Free Report returns a PDF, which presents the data as a series of charts and tables (guarda il video tutorial di supporto alla lettura del report).

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Select the product of interest, then click on the button to go to the next step.
Click here to view an example of the type of report that will be generated.

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Select the importing market you are interested in, the currency, the language and click on the button for the last step.

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